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The Order: 1886 gameplay trailer shows you what a next-gen city looks like (update)

The first full gameplay trailer for The Order: 1886 offers a glimpse at the PlayStation 4 game's over-the-shoulder gun combat, melee struggles and a much closer look at the next-gen city of tight, 19th century corridors.

This follows the game's revealed during last year's E3, which at the time came with little information beyond the initial teaser trailer. Ready at Dawn co-founder Ru Weerasuriya told us the game had been in limbo prior to the release of PS4 kits as last generation hardware was not capable of achieving the ambitions the studio had for the title.

Weerasuriya acknowleged to us that the decision to bring the game only to PS4 will mean it will reach a smaller audience; However, he says, the studio's focus is more creative than financial.

"Yes, of course, there's an opportunity to make a dual-platform game and there are third-party publishers we can go to," he said, "and it's not something we'll ever dismiss, but for now since we've been so targeted towards working on a single platform it felt natural for us to make that decision regardless of the financial hit we would take."

The trailer leaked this morning ahead of previews scheduled to release later today. You can check the footage out above. Keep your eye on Polygon later for the full preview.

Update: The video has since been removed. Our full preview of the game is available right here.

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