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GDC poll: 4 percent of surveyed devs plan to launch their next game on Wii U (correction)

Just four percent of developers surveyed in a recent Game Developers Conference poll are currently planning to release their next game on the Wii U, while 20 percent are planning for a PS4 release and 17 percent for the Xbox One.

For the second straight year, organizers of the Game Developers Conference released their "state of the industry report." The report polls 2,600 North American game industry professions, all current or past GDC attendees, to create a "picture of the game business as it stands right as we enter into a new GDC."

The survey found that developers are flocking to smartphones, tablets and computers. More than half of those polled plan to release their next game for smartphones, tablets, PC or Mac.

More developers are also choosing or working towards self-publishing for their games. Of those surveyed, 64 percent are not working with a publisher on their current game, with 19 percent reporting working alongside a publisher and 17 percent revealing they work for a publisher. And despite the boom in Kickstarter projects, 52 percent of developers said their funding comes from existing company funds, a number up 37 percent from last year.

Despite livestreaming's rising in popularity, nearly half of the developers said they will not integrate streaming functionality into their upcoming games.

According to last year's poll, 4.6 percent of developers were working on a Wii U title.

Correction: This story initially included a lower, incorrect number for the percentage of developers planning to next release a Wii U title. The correct number is 4 percent. The number in the original story was based off of an out-of-date report mistakenly provided to Polygon by GDC organizers. We apologize for the mistake.

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