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Nvidia debuts budget GPUs, GeForce GTX 750 class

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Nvidia is refreshing its line of entry-level graphics cards with the new GeForce GTX 750 class GPUs, the company announced today.

The cards will be powered by Nvidia's latest GPU architecture, "Maxwell," which the company says is twice as efficient on a performance per watt basis as its predecessor, "Kepler."

Maxwell's reduced power requirements have important implications beyond performance, too. The GeForce GTX 550 Ti required 116 watts, while the GeForce GTX 750 Ti uses 60 watts; that drop allowed Nvidia to do away with the older card's 6-pin PCI Express power connector, so the GTX 750 series cards can run off the motherboard alone.

That makes those new GPUs well suited to use in low-power, quiet, small computers — in other words, gaming rigs designed for the living room, such as Steam Machines. Nvidia also pointed out that the GTX 750 cards can work well as upgrades to existing PCs with integrated graphics, allowing users to play graphics-intensive games without needing to upgrade their computer's power supply.

The GTX 750 cards also support Nvidia's own graphics software and services, such as G-Sync, ShadowPlay and GeForce Experience. They're available for purchase now. For more on putting together a gaming PC, check out our PC buying guide.

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