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Super League Football now available for PlayStation platforms

Zen Studios' collection of World Cup Soccer-inspired pinball tables, Super League Football, is now available for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, community manager Bobby Loertscher announced via the PlayStation Blog.

In Super League Football, players can choose to act as a different soccer club, such as A.C. Milan, FC Barcelona or Liverpool FC; players who download the game will only have access to one team.

"You do not get all teams," Loertscher wrote. "That's right, you have to pick one! We can't have you cheering for everyone! That'd be blasphemous, right? Once you pick a club, you can start playing in league play, win all sorts of Trophies, and help out your team on the global leaderboards."

According to Loertscher, Zen Studios is working to add more teams to the game's current selection.

Super League Football is available to download for $2.99. The game is cross-buy entitled and, according to the post, owners can also import the game to PlayStation 4 later if they don't currently own the system.