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Mini Games on Minecraft Realms coming to Minecraft in March

March's upcoming Minecraft 1.7.5 update will introduce a feature allowing users to transform their Minecraft Realm into a mini game, as highlighted in a video released by the developer.

The video demonstrates how players can switch their Realm to a mini game whenever they want to and vice versa. Mini games mentioned in the video include Cake Defense, Block vs. Zombies, The Walls, Autospleef and Dash of Doom. The five games, some of which require more than one player, will be available at roll out with more introduced later on.

Minecraft Realms is a service that allows users to create permanent, private worlds on servers, which you can learn more about by reading our interview with Carl Manneh, co-founder and CEO of Mojang. Minecraft Realms is currently only live in Sweden or available with a Minecon voucher and will see a global roll out in the near future.

Mojang announced recently that it will pause access to the Pocket Realms beta on March 1 to focus on the service's PC version. Pocket Realms will be available again "later this year."