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Latest Xbox One update introduces new blackscreening bug

Xbox One owners are reporting Microsoft's most recent update for the console introduces a bug that causes the system to black screen.

In response, a temporary fix is being suggested by the Xbox team on its official Twitter account. "If it happens, please power cycle by holding power for 10 seconds," the company advises.

The system update, which rolled out earlier this month after a short delay, addressed how users can manage the content on their console, a key complaint in our Xbox One review. It also introduced the ability to see how much storage space is being used by games and apps and control their install lineup.

Since the update's release, Xbox One owners can now manage their download queue, thanks to separate My Games and My Apps queues. The option to choose what content loads first and a boot progress indicator are also included in the update. The February update also added a battery power indicator to the home screen and support for USB keyboards.

A second update is underway and will feature party and multiplayer options ahead of the launch of the Respawn Entertainment-developed Titanfall.