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Double Fine's Amnesia Fortnight Game Jam documentary now available

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The first episode of 2 Player Productions' documentary on Double Fine Productions' annual Amnesia Fortnight Game Jam is now available,

During the Amnesia Fornight jam, developers drop what they're working on for two weeks and form small teams to work on new game prototypes. Viewers can check out the video posted above for a look at the beginning of the development process. The video shows Double Fine personnel and guest developer Pendleton Ward pitching their game ideas to studio head Tim Schafer and the process of choosing which projects to greenlight. The studio opened voting to the public again this year, asking them to pay a minimum of $1 to help choose which prototypes get made.

Four teams worked on the following game prototypes: Steed by John Bernhelm, Mnemonic by Derek Brand, Dear Leader by Anna Kipnis and Little Pink Best Buds by Ward, Adventure Time creator and Broken Age voice actor. Prototypes from this year as well as 2012's Amnesia Fortnight prototypes are available for purchase in a bundle through the Humble Bundle Store at pay-what-you-want rates. Ward's game is available for those who pay more than $6.90 for the bundle. For $35, buyers get all of the aforementioned prototypes and a collector's edition blu-ray of the 2014 Amnesia Fortnight documentary.

Double Fine began holding Amnesia Fortnight in 2007. A number of the studio's past games — including Costume Quest, Spacebase DF-9 and Stacking — began as Amnesia Fortnight prototypes.

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