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Helldivers' newest threats: cyborgs, mechs and a frozen planet

Helldivers, Arrowhead Game Studios' cooperative twin stick shooter headed to PlayStation devices, will feature icy environments, cyborg enemies and mechs, CEO and game director Johan Pilestedt revealed on the PlayStation Blog today.

Sony revealed Helldivers at its Gamescom 2013 press conference with a trailer showcasing Super Earth's rocky desert environment and cooperative play. Today, Pilestedt showed off Helldivers' colder environment, which includes both solid rock and deep powder that will impede player movement. Beyond the previously announced Bugs, players will also face off against the Cyborg Nation, "a race of bionically augmented separatists" with heavy armor and projectile weaponry.

Helldivers players will start each mission with a loadout and "stratagems" like auto-defense turrets and napalm that players call in. The game will also include "a fleet of advanced vehicles," the most common of which is a mech equipped with a Gatling gun and a grenade launcher pod.

Helldivers is headed to PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita later this year. For more on its "hilarious friendly fire," be sure to read our impressions from Gamescom 2013. You can also learn about the developers behind Helldivers and Magicka in Polygon's Arrowhead feature.

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