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SkyDrive relaunched as OneDrive with Achievements on Xbox One

The SkyDrive app on Xbox One is now known as OneDrive, and the updated app now includes Xbox One Achievements, Microsoft announced today.

Microsoft was forced to rename SkyDrive, its cloud storage platform, after a U.K. court ruled last July that the name infringed on a trademark owned by British Sky Broadcasting Group. Microsoft debuted the new moniker, OneDrive, last month.

OneDrive on Xbox One offers the same functionality that the SkyDrive app used to, including 7 GB of cloud-based storage for clips of game footage captured in Game DVR and edited in Upload Studio. Users will now be able to earn Achievements for using the app, such as "Hope those aren't all selfies..." for viewing 10 photos from their camera roll.

Starting today, enabling camera roll backup to OneDrive gives users an extra 3 GB of storage; auto-upload of images is now supported on Android with the new OneDrive app on that platform. And in a nod to Dropbox's referral system, users who invite others to sign up for OneDrive will receive an extra 500 MB of storage per sign-up.

OneDrive is also available on Windows, Windows Phone, iOS, Android and Mac.

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