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TowerFall Ascension coming to PS4 March 11 (update)

Matt Thorson's TowerFall Ascension will launch on the PlayStation 4 on March 11, the developer announced today on the PlayStation Blog.

The original TowerFall was a single-player and multiplayer archery arena game that launched in 2013 exclusively on the Ouya. The PS4 version, titled TowerFall Ascension, plays similarly with intense four-player battles, but also includes 50 new arenas that players can fight in and new power-ups, such as one that gives players drill arrows that burrow through walls.

Ascension also features a new one or two-player co-op Quest mode, where players fight monsters that spawn from portals into the arena instead of fighting each other.

The game is expected to launch on Windows PC sometime this year.

Update: Developer Matt Thorson announced on Twitter today that the Windows PC version of TowerFall Ascension will also launch on March 11 via Steam.

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