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Kenji Eno's final project being developed posthumously by colleagues

Three former colleagues of late game designer and musician Kenji Eno are looking to bring the developer's final idea to life, with plans to launch a crowdfunding campaign for a project called Kakexun.

According to the project's web page, composer Katsutoshi Eguchi, who worked alongside Eno for many years, was entrusted by Eno with design documents for Kakexun shortly before he died of heart failure on Feb. 20, 2013.

Eguchi will produce the project alongside Iida Kazutoshi — a game designer who also worked with Eno and who will serve as chief director — and Naoya Sato, the CEO of Warp2, who will be Kakexun's production director. On the website, all three men express in their biographies the desire to share Eno's final work.

Kakexun will be a collaborative effort between Warp2 and Eno's former game development studio Fyto, which has been headed by Eguchi since Eno's death. The page suggests the game will be an online title, will require a hefty amount of world building on the developer's part and may be action-oriented.

The page states a crowdfunding campaign for Kakexun will launch on March 20 — one year and one month from Eno's death. Developers are hoping to collect 15 million yen (about $146,000) during the campaign's 60-day duration.

The development team also put out a call for submissions and will accept applications to work on Kakexun, although a limited number of public submissions will be accepted.

Eno began his career in game development working on Famicom games for publisher Interlink before founding EIM, where he composed for NES games Casino Kid 2 and Panic Restaurant. At his next company, Warp Inc., he made the popular D, D2 and Enemy Zero horror adventure games, as well as Sega Saturn mystery title Real Sound. Eno's last worked as president at Fyto (From Yellow To Orange), which published 2009 WiiWare game You, Me and the Cubes.

More information on Kakexun will be available in the next issue of Weekly Famitsu, scheduled to be published on Feb. 20 in Japan (later today North American time).

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