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Tekken gets musical with this piano set-up

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A Vimeo user who goes by the moniker Mc Cool has created a set-up that allows the fighting game Tekken to be played with a piano.

The keys of a piano replace traditional controllers, and the video above shows how the notes played translate into commands for the characters (gameplay starts at 1:30 min).

"This is the final product of my project for interaction design," the creator wrote for the video's description. "Took the whole semester to get this to work, but it was worth it. How it works: The piano sends a Midi-Signal, which is transferred to an arduino. According to the signals, the arduino triggers transistors, which then trigger inputs on a paewang PCB (this is the PCB of an arcadestick). The paewang is connected to an Xbox 360 (you can also use it on PS3)."

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