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Scare players through Twitch chat when Daylight hits PS4, PC April 8

Daylight, Zombie Studios' procedurally generated horror game built in Unreal Engine 4, will arrive on PlayStation 4 and Windows PC April 8, publisher Atlus announced today.

The game will ship with a feature that allows Twitch stream viewers to spook the player by typing text. As an example, a viewer could type "meow" into the stream's chat, and Daylight would respond with a corresponding sound in-game. The streaming option will be timed to prevent spamming, and players will have to experiment to find the full list of words.

"Streaming has been a huge boon to the PS4 community, and the devs want Daylight to have an involved relationship with livestreams," social media specialist Ryan Clements wrote on the PlayStation Blog. "The hope is to allow viewers to control the actual scares in a streamer's experience, providing a much more interactive dynamic between player and audience."

Using RealD technology, both versions of the game will support 3D on compatible monitors and TVs. Zombie Studios showed off Daylight's Oculus Rift virtual reality headset support on PC last year at Indiecade.

Atlus also revealed two new areas. The Prison is a three-story stack of cells where Daylight's spirits become aggressive for the first time. The Forest is an open area that appears later in the game and is lit only by the light of the player's cell phone and a faint moon. You can check out screenshots of both areas in the gallery below.

For more on the game and its development, be sure to read our interview with the developers. You can also learn about the game's writer, Jessica Chobot, in Polygon's feature.

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