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Killer Instinct update resets Jail and patches Spinal

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Double Helix Games plans to issue a Killer Instinct update to resolve and reset the buggy Jail mode, according to a post on the developer's forums, and introduce fixes for problems with the latest fighter Spinal.

The upcoming update will reset Jail stats for players, fix a bug where both players would go to Jail on disconnect and adjust the disconnect percentage. Fixes for Spinal includes teleport causing crash and de-sync in corner against back dashing opponents; manuals being unbreakable and counter breakers not being accessible after using the dive kick as an opener; and, Spinal skeleport linker not crossing up correctly.

The developer rolled out the Spinal update late last month introducing the new mode where if a player in ranked match reaches a disconnect percentage of 15 percent, they will be placed in the Jail mode. Once in the 24-hour long mode, players will not be able to participate in ranked matches and will be matched against other Jail members. With a cap at 120 hours, the amount of time increases by 24 hours for each consecutive time a player is sent to Jail.

A release date for the update was not announced at the time of writing. The patch notes are listed on the official Double Helix forums.