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SpeedRunners adds new features, Steam Workshop integration

SpeedRunners, DoubleDutch Games and Tiny Build's fast-paced superhero platform-racing fighter, now includes a new level editor and Workshop integration, the developers announced on Steam today.

The new level editor and Workshop integration allows players to make and share their SpeedRunners levels. There are currently 50 pre-made maps available to players in the Workshop. The four-player competitive platformer also features new characters, maps, weapons and achievements.

Featuring online and local competitive modes, players must beat opponents to the edge of the screen using actions and tools such as grappling hooks, power-ups and weapons. "A well timed attack is all it takes to propel yourself from last to first in this mayhem inducing racing game," the developer states. SpeedRunners hit Steam for Windows PC last year and is currently available via Early Access for $9.99 or $29.99 for a pack of four licenses.

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