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Monaco surpasses half a million sales, poor XBLA results

Pocketwatch Games' action-stealth game Moncao: What's Yours Is Mine surpassed 520,000 sales across four platforms, founder Andy Schatz announced, revealing that only 36,000 of that figure was from Xbox Live Arcade.

"Sales update: We're well over half a million units of Monaco sold! (~520K), only includes about half the HIB [Humble Indie Bundle] sales since we are BTA," Scahtz tweeted, referring to the game's inclusion the latest Humble Indie Bundle. He later wrote that 36,000 sales were on Xbox 360 with the remaining figure spread across Windows PC, Mac and Linux.

Monaco initially launched on Steam for Windows PC on April 24 with the Xbox Live Arcade version slated for a simultaneous release. The console version was delayed a day before its launch when a bug that disconnected four-player matches was discovered. Schatz delayed the game's release stating that he'd "rather have disappointed fans than upset fans." A second fix was required before it was released on XBLA on May 10.

Schatz wrote on a Reddit post last July saying that the delayed XBLA release "unquestionably hurt" its sales. At the time, he said while he never depended XBLA being the primary revenue generator, he was very disappointed by sales on the platform and that it would have performed twice as well with a simultaneous launch.

The Humble Indie Bundle 11, released earlier this week, offers pay-what-you-want pricing for six indie games on PC, including Facepalm Games' The Swapper and DrinkBox Studios' Guacamelee. Those who pay more than the average purchase price receive copies of Alexander Bruce's Antichamber and Monaco.

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