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Sir, You Are Being Hunted tweaks AI behavior, introduces The Landowner

The latest build for Sir, You Are Being Hunted introduces numerous changes, balance tweaks and the open-world survival game's final NPC, The Landowner, developer Big Robot announced today in a new gameplay video.

"This update is a huge internal milestone for us as it represents the last piece of new behavioral code, the last set of animations, the last character to enter our procedurally generated world," Big Robot founder Jim Rossignol wrote. "We still have more content to come in the form of the Castle Biome, but the vast bulk of Sir's assets are now complete."

According to Rossignol, the update focuses on core AI behavior, especially in the Hunters. Improvements have been applied to AI combat behavior, balance for AI vision and pursuit, AI noise investigation states and changed the way bots decide to guard doors.

"You should see big improvements to Hunter combat behavior, the way they handle cover and corners, but also to their non-combat states," Rossignol wrote. "Our robots have also had their eyes recalibrated, the ranges they will engage and pursue you from should feel much fairer now. That's not to say we've made things easier. There is — of course — the new threat of the Landowner. But the new AI code changes can actually make the bots tougher in some situations, more tricksy."

Numerous fixes have been applied, including issues with the compass bearing, audio volumes, wildlife, scenery and where quitting immediately after generating a world lost starting equipment.

Running in alpha testing, the developer states that one more biome and customization options are required before the game can be considered entering beta. The new build is currently live on Steam, with the update going rolling out on Humble shortly after. Notes on changes, AI improvements and tweaks are available on the official Big Robot website.

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