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XCOM designer taking Chaos Reborn to Kickstarter March 14

Julian Gollop, designer of the original XCOM: UFO Defense, will launch a Kickstarter campaign March 14 for Chaos Reborn, an expansion of his 1985 game Chaos: The Battle of Wizards.

According to a listing on Prefundia, a website designed to "showcase projects about to launch on Kickstarter and other channels," the turn-based strategy game will support battles for 2-6 players and will be developed for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

Gollop has already been working on the game for a year. In its current state, Chaos Reborn has a "multiplayer, online prototype working" but with "mostly placeholder graphics and interface." Campaign backers will receive access prototypes and updates during development.

"In my 30 years of game development, after many critically acclaimed projects, I think the original Chaos stands out as a game with unrealized potential," he wrote. "I have spent the last year working on Chaos Reborn, writing the game design, creating a playable prototype and building my team. I intend to raise funds via Kickstarter to complete the project within a year."

The original Chaos was released in 1985 for the ZX Spectrum. Gollop has been hinting at a new version of the game since at least late 2012, when he wrote on his blog that the "logical thing to do is to try to improve it and bring it up to date with today's technology."

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