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Explore the inside of a song in Archie Pelago's music video game

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Forget music videos.

Brooklyn-based band Archie Pelago took a track called "Saturn V" from its recently released Lakeside Obelisk EP and turned it into a video game. Those who play it can, according to the band's official site, "Experience the song while wandering around inside it, and inside the world it inhabits." As players explore the environment, "Saturn V" changes.

Band member Cosmo D created the music video game, PSFK reports, as a way for listeners to connect with the band and its music.

"I hope fans can get a deeper understanding of who Archie is as a band, who we are as individuals through the various objects, furniture, murals and overall ‘vibe' of the level," Cosmo D said. "At the same time, I want listeners to engage with the song ‘Saturn V,' actively picking up sonic nuances of the piece through exploration and discovery."

You can download native Mac and Windows PC versions from the band's website or play it in a your web browser with the Unity Web Player. The Lakeside Obelisk EP is available at Amazon for $3.99, iTunes for $4.95 and through Spotify. You can hear more Archie Pelago on BandCamp.

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