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Watch a Spelunky master demolish records with more than $3 million

Bananasaurus Rex needed to score more than 2.6 million points — dollars, in Spelunky terms — to rise to the top of the leaderboard in Derek Yu's infamously difficult game.

This afternoon, he leapt through that barrier when he scored $2,683,050, a moment you can relive in the video above. Though you'll hear the surprise in Bananasaurus Rex's voice when he realizes what he's done, his record-breaking run didn't stop there. By the time he was through playing, he'd scored $3,105,850. Press play below to see the moment he topped $3 million. You can watch the entire 7.5 hour run on his Twitch page.

Today's achievement isn't Bananasaurus Rex's first in Mossmouth's procedurally generated platformer. Last November, he achieved a solo "eggplant run" in which he acquired and lugged an obscure item with him throughout the game. Be sure to read Die Gute Fabrik co-owner Douglas Wilson's analysis for an in-depth breakdown of that milestone. You can also learn more about the game in Polygon's Spelunky review.

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