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Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls' new Paragon system detailed

Reaper of Souls, the upcoming expansion to Diablo 3, will include an updated Paragon leveling system that removes a level cap, shares Paragon levels and more, Blizzard Entertainment announced via

Changes will be introduced with patch 2.0.1 and will affect all Diablo 3 accounts. Without a level cap, players can continue to earn Paragon experience and will "always be able to earn more Paragon levels." The game's new sharing feature will allow users to access Paragon levels account-wide, depending on the game's difficulty level.

"All Normal heroes on an account will share a Paragon level," the post reads. "Similarly, all Hardcore heroes on an account will share a Paragon level. After patch 2.0.1 goes live, any Paragon experience you gain on your Normal or Hardcore heroes will contribute to your account's Normal Shared Paragon level or Hardcore Shared Paragon level, respectively."

According to the post, this will keep players from feeling "obligated" to play the same hero continuously.

Players will also earn Paragon points for every level they gain, which can then be distributed in Core, Offense, Defense or Utility categories. These points will not be shared between heroes.

Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls launches March 25. The new Paragon system is currently available in the game's closed beta.