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Gran Turismo 5 DLC to be removed from PS Store April 30

Downloadable content for Polyphony Digital's PlayStation 3 racing game Gran Turismo 5 will no longer be available in the PlayStation Store after April 30, according to a post on the series' official website.

Specific instructions on how to preserve purchased content are available on the game's website. In most cases, those with DLC already installed will still be able to use downloaded items and more, as long as they don't delete the game's save data. Other DLC, such as the Racing Car Pack and Course Pack, will require a free download from the PlayStation Store's Gran Turismo 5 section.

Services for Gran Turismo TV in Gran Turismo 5 will end March 14, 2015. Sony will shut down online support, including seasonal events, online lobbies and more, May 30.

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