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Rejected Amnesia Fortnight prototype Bad Golf 2 is getting made by fans

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Bad Golf 2, a video game prototype that failed to make the cut during the voting portion of Double Fine's annual Amnesia Fortnight gamejam, is now being developed by a group of fans, IGN reports.

Bad Golf 2 sees four in-game golfers play golf simultaneously while attempting to dodge players who are hunting them with golf carts.

Following a positive reaction from users on the Double Fine forums, Double Fine senior gameplay programmer Patrick Hackett - the author of the prototype's concept document - showed interest in helping with the development of the now fan-driven project. Taking to the Double Fine forums, Hackett wrote: "OH MY GOD. Pleeeaaaaaaase do this. I will help in any way I can. Yes yes yes, this is awesome."

The title is in development with the help of 20 contributors, according to its official GitHub repository used to keep track of the project. The first screenshot of the game was released by the team, which you can see above.

Double Fine's Amnesia Fortnight game jam began in 2007, offering staff at the game studio to break off into small teams and develop a new game prototype over the course of two weeks. Previous success stories include Costume Quest and Stacking, whose ideas originated in the jam.