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Titanfall Xbox One console bundle coming March 11, brings Xbox One price drop to UK (update)

Microsoft will release a limited edition Titanfall Xbox One console bundle on March 11, chief marketing and strategy officer Yusuf Mehdi announced this morning.

According to a statement sent to press, the bundle will include a standard edition Xbox One console, Kinect peripheral, wireless controller and chat headset, as well as a download code for Titanfall and a voucher for one month of Xbox Live Gold. The bundle is available to pre-order now at participating retailers and will cost $499.99.

"In many ways, the launch of Titanfall will enable us to deliver the first truly next generation multiplayer game — one that will take advantage of the new party and chat improvements we're delivering, build on the power of the cloud in a way only Microsoft can, and connect fans on Xbox Live," Mehdi wrote.

"If you've been waiting for the biggest game of the generation before purchasing your Xbox One, this special, limited time offer is perfect for you," he added.

Check out our hands-on impressions of Titanfall for more details on how to play, including how the game's stat-boosting Burn Cards work, as well as our interview with the developers discussing what was achieved through this month's beta testing.

Titanfall will launch on Xbox One and Windows PC on March 11, with the Bluepoint Games-developed Xbox 360 version coming March 25. The Xbox One console is also available on its own for $499.99.

Update: Microsoft also announced a price drop for the Xbox One in the U.K. Beginning Feb. 28, the console will will drop from £429.99 to £399.99. The U.K. will also receive the Titanfall console bundle for £399.99, while Australia will get the bundle for $599 AUD.

Speaking with Eurogamer, Xbox U.K. managing director Harvey Eagle said the price cut is meant to help promote the launch of Titanfall.

"The reason for doing this is about giving gamers in the UK the best value we can with Xbox One," Eagle said. "That starts with the announcement we're making about this new price point of £399 moving forward, and continues with the inclusion of the hottest game of the year in Titanfall."

Update 2: Microsoft confirmed with Polygon that they do not have plans to drop the price of the Xbox One console in North America at this time.

"We are not dropping the standard price of Xbox One," a representative for Microsoft said. "The Xbox One Titanfall bundle is a special offer to celebrate the launch of one of the most anticipated games of the new console generation."

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