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Watch 15 minutes of Infamous: Second Son in Russian

Infamous: Second Son is headed exclusively to PlayStation 4 March 12, but you don't have to wait that long to see it in action.

Thanks to YouTube user Hans Schneider, you can press play above to watch 15 minutes of Sucker Punch Studios' upcoming superpower infused open-world game. Infamous: Second Son follows a young "Conduit" named Delsin Rowe, and in the video you can see him traverse Seattle light up like a neon sign and narrated by a Russian voice cast and accompanying Cryllic subtitles.

Polygon saw the game recently and spoke with its developers. Check out our recent interview to learn about how Rowe receives the neon-based powers on display in the video above, the character named Fetch he absorbed them from and how players can use them for good or evil.

For more on the game's development, be sure to check out Polygon's in-depth interview with Sucker Punch from E3.