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Rambo: The Video Game - Overview video

Rambo: The Video Game lets you recreate the plot of the movies — assuming you can nail quick-time events with split-second accuracy.

The game almost has too many bizarre ideas to enumerate. It possesses, in what might be a first for the industry, a system of reflex-based morality: complete the QTE fast enough to spare the police officer, but do it too early and you'll stone-cold murder him. If you want to maintain First Blood's low body count, you have to shoot police officers in the arms with surgical precision — miss by an inch, or fire one too many bullets, and you are, again, a stone-cold murderer.

In this Overview, Chris Plante and I explore even more of Rambo: The Video Game's eccentricities. Things get, as you might expect given the game's source material, awfully gory. Not because I'm a violent person, mind you, but because I'm too slow and inaccurate to be a pacifist.

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