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Pantheon development, crowdfunding efforts to continue

Development on massively multiplayer online game Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen will continue in the wake of the game's recently unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign, creator Visionary Realms announced today.

Pantheon's Kickstarter concluded Feb. 22 with little more than $460,000 pledged, or just over half its $800,000 goal. Although the initial campaign failed to meet its goal, Visionary Realms will continue crowdfunding on the game's official site. Those interested can donate though PayPal to receive rewards; the site also includes subscription levels that allow backers to discuss features and participate in round table discussions with the dev team.

According to chief creative officer Brad McQuaid, the Kickstarter encouraged the developer to continue.

"We were able to reach over $460,000 in pledges during our Kickstarter," McQuaid said. "We also had over 3,100 people pledge to the game and that was enough to show us and our current potential investors that there is more than enough interest to get this game made. So now that we're doing funding through our own site, we can use those funds to get the development started."

Visionary Realms can't "secure studio space just yet," but will continue to finalize plans with investors and acquire tools needed for development.

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is being developed for Mac and Windows PC. The game is currently expected to launch in January 2017. A spokesperson told Polygon via email that though the Kickstarter's outcome may delay the game a few months, it won't have a "major impact" as long as the developer continues to receive funding.

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