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Papers, Please creator wants to make PS Vita version

The developer of the immigration-themed puzzle game Papers, Please Lucas Pope recently expressed an interest in bringing the game to the PlayStation Vita, VG247 reports.

Pope told the site he wants to bring Papers, Please to the handheld device, but is unsure whether he wants to port the game himself, or hand it over to a third party.

"Up until now, I've been the only guy who's ever touched the source code or anything related to the game," he said. "And that's just kind of a control issue. A lot of people offered to just, 'send me over the assets and codes and I'll kick out all your localised versions, you'll be set,' but I wanted to do it myself because it was a little bit fun and because I'm a control freak."

Pope told VG247 he is currently divided on what to do, and he is equally divided on whether he should dive into porting the game or if he should work on something else.

We have reached out to Pope for more details.

Papers, Please launched in 2013 on Linux, Mac and Windows. Polygon's review of the game can be read here.

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