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Battlefield 4 Platoons coming 'very soon,' early access available now

Battlefield 4 developer EA DICE is offering early access to Platoons, an upcoming social feature that allows players to track stats together in groups, according to a Battlelog forum post by producer Jesper Nielsen.

A feature in Battlefield 3, Platoons will go live on Battlelog for Battlefield 4 "very soon." DICE is offering a selection of players early access to the feature "to test certain parts of the system" and collect feedback ahead of its full roll out. Those interested in participating are invited to respond to the post with their Battlelog/Origin username. Users who list members of their own existing Platoon have a greater chance of being accepted. Full details are on the Battlelog forums.

Karl Magnus Troedsson, vice president and general manager of DICE, confirmed the introduction of Platoons when he outlined Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation Month earlier this year. To make up for the game's shaky existence, the studio offered players perks throughout February, such as daily giveaways for logging in to Battlefield 4, unlockable in-game items for participating in community missions and a double XP weekend.

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