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Surreal indie puzzler Back to Bed gets studio, funding thanks to investor

Surreal puzzle game Back to Bed will see completion thanks to an agreement with an outside investor, who has also made it possible for the team of hobbyist developers to set up their own studio, newly-formed Bedtime Digital Games announced today.

Project manager Klaus Pedersen confirmed with Polygon the investor is Danish game investment company Capnova. It is the same company that invested in Pladydead's successful puzzle platformer Limbo, and is currently invested in Full Control Studios' Space Hulk adaptation.

Late last year, the team announced that Back to Bed, developed by a group of students from the Danish National Academy of Digital Interactive Entertainment and recipient of an Independent Games Festival nomination last year, would be delayed until after Christmas. At the time the studio, then-named Bedtime Gaming, said the game was incomplete and not "up to the quality mark that it deserves." The studio noted it had been restructured to allow developers to focus on the game full-time, but no additional details on the shift were given.

"The reveal turned out to be an investor to help finish the game, since hobby development of the game had ground to a halt, and the game wasn't getting anywhere," Pedersen wrote.

Back to Bed is slated to launch on Linux, Mac and Windows PC, as well as for Android devices and iOS for iPad. Thanks to the investment, the final version will also include hand-drawn art, new storyline pieces and touchscreen optimization.

Pedersen also announced Bedtime Digital will be working on a second game, also made possible by the funding. Pederson told Polygon the investment from Capnova will cover Back to Bed as well as this second game, allowing the studio of six to work on the games full-time.

"And as part of the agreement with the investor, the team managed to fund not only Back to Bed, but also a spiritual successor," he said. "So, in short, the backers actually helped Kickstart, not just a game, but a game studio."

Prior to IGF 2013, Pedersen told Polygon Back to Bed was built around the idea of sleepwalking; the team wanted to focus on this mechanic and build the game outward from there. The game was funded via Kickstarter last March, with 1,106 backers pitching in $13,312 to support the project. The original version of Back to Bed, developed while the team was at DADIU, is still available to play online for free.

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