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Harness the power of moogles with new Lightning Returns DLC

New downloadable content available today for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 adds three colorful new outfits to Lightning's wardrobe, including one that grants the heroine the magical power of moogles, Square Enix announced this morning.

Moogles — one of the staple creatures of the Final Fantasy franchise — are the form and function of the Moogle Lover Schemata (or costume set, pictured above), which include the Moogle Queen dress, the staff and shield of Final Fantasy 13-2 character Mog and a large moogle hat. The garb gives Lightning's ATB gauge a boost, allowing her to attack faster.

The other two available Schemata, Ultimate Savior and Divine Wear, both feature otherworldly armor sets. Ultimate Savior includes the Celestial Body garb, Excalibur weapon, Aegis Shield and Tiara of the Goddess, while Divine Wear features the Cosmocrator garb, Crocea Mors sword, Abyss Gate shield and the Deathless Mask as an adornment.

All three Schemata can be purchased individually for $3.99 or bundled together for $9.99.

The Japanese voice pack, which utilizes the Japanese vocal track and has been free since launch earlier this month, is no longer free as of today; players can purchase the add-on for $3.99. Additionally, Lightning Returns themes are available through the PlayStation Network for $1.99 each, while Xbox 360 Avatar Items — including costumes for Noel Kreiss and Caius Ballad — are available through Xbox Live.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13, the final installment in the Final Fantasy 13 trilogy, launched earlier this month for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Read our review for more details on gameplay and check out our interview with design director Yuji Abe, who explains why the pink-haired heroine is more powerful yet feels more vulnerable this time around.

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