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Molyneux adds Fable 3 to list of 'flawed' games

Veteran game designer Peter Molyneux has a storied history of trashing his older games — while simultaneously lauding his current work — and in a recent interview with Develop, former Lionhead Studios co-founder added Fable 3 to his list of "trainwrecks."

Speaking with the publication on why he'll never create his perfect game, Molyneux explained that each project begins as a "perfect jewel" in his mind. One such project was the first entry in the Fable series.

"Fable for me was this beautiful, incredible, amusing, funny, artistic, wonderful gem of a game that anyone could play, that tugged on the heartstrings and that was instantly engaging," Molyneux said.

However, the final product never seems to live up to the designer's expectations. Fable was released in 2004 and gave players the chance to mold their character's appearance and reputation through good deeds or evil acts. Molyneux said that though the game was largely flawed in some ways, it wasn't bad for his first title of that kind. While sequel Fable 2 was a "step in the right direction," however, Fable 3 was quite the opposite.

"I think Fable 3 was a train wreck," Molyneux said. "It was built to be much bigger than what it was constrained to be and eventually ended up as. If I had my time again, I'd take the advances we made from Fable 1 to Fable 2, I'd make the same advances from Fable 2 to Fable 3 and spend another entire year working on Fable 3."

Fable 3 launched in 2010 to generally positive reception.

Molyneux departed Lionhead Studios in 2012 to create 22Cans to work on social experiment Curiosity: What's Inside the Cube? and Steam Early Access game Godus.

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