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Deus Ex: The Fall hits Steam March 25 for $9.99

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Deus Ex: The Fall, Eidos Montreal and N-Fusion Interactive's previously mobile action/stealth role-playing game, will arrive on Steam March 25 for Windows PC.

The $9.99 game tells a prequel story to Deus Ex: Human Revolution, set in 2027. According to the game's Steam listing, Deus Ex: The Fall will ship with achievements and support for controllers as well as mouse and keyboard. For a limited time, those who purchase the game will also receive a free copy of Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition.

Deus Ex: The Fall first launched for iOS last July and arrived for Android in January 2014. It's available on both platforms for $6.99. Today's announcement confirms a report that the game was headed to PC, based on images pulled from Steam's domain.

You can learn more about the development of Deus Ex: The Fall's mobile version in Polygon's interview with Jean-Francois Dugas, creative director at Eidos Montreal. For more on the iOS version, read our review, which called the game "a successful experiment in simplification."