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Platoons invade Battlefield 4 beginning Feb. 27

Battlefield 4 players will be able to assemble in Platoons beginning Feb. 27, according to a post today in the Battlefield blog.

The social feature, a version of which is also in Battlefield 3, will have a staggered launch this and next week through Battlelog to "ensure proper feature stability." Platoons will allow groups of up to 100 players to communicate through private and public feeds and organize their company. As they play, players can earn a customizable emblem, view their match history and track overall Platoon stats like kill/death ratio, score per minute and skill. To create a Platoon, you'll need to be a Battlefield 4 Premium subscriber with a minimum rank of 10.

Platoons in Battlefield 4 will also include a new progression and stat-tracking system. To rank up a Platoon, four players will need to play together in the same Battlefield 4 round. Their core stats will be averaged or accumulated and applied to the Platoon. There will be 10 ranks available at launch.

According to today's post, which dates a recent announcement on the game's forums, the social feature is designed to explained, and Electronic Arts will welcome feedback.

"It is important for us to clarify that this is the first iteration of Platoons," the post reads. "We will continue to work on the feature to refine and expand it, but now we will finally have the opportunity to see it in action and get some real-world feedback. Now is the time for all our players to tell us what they like, what they want improved, and what they want to see next.

"Don't hesitate to tell us what you expect from the upcoming feature, and what can be improved once it's live. We appreciate your questions and feedback!"

Battlefield 4's new feature will arrive as part of Player Appreciation Month, an initiative from developer EA DICE designed to make good for the first-person shooter's tumultuous multiplatform launch. Player rewards include daily giveaways, Battlepacks with XP boosts and character skins as well as weapon unlocks to "make up for lost time."

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