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Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition heading to PlayStation 4

Housemarque's top-down shoot 'em up game, Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition, is headed to the PlayStation 4 , according to a post on the PlayStation Asia Hong Kong Blog, revealing that the title will launch in the region in March.

The posts states that Dead Nation will be free to download for PlayStation Plus users in the Hong Kong region from March 6, along with other titles including Tokyo Jungle and Malicious Rebirth. We have reached out to Sony for information regarding a release in other regions.

Dead Nation was initially released in 2010 in North America on PlayStation Network for the PlayStation 3. Players take on the role of one of two zombie apocalypse survivors, Jack McReady or Scarlett Blake, as they embark on a quest to collect a tissue sample from Patient Zero to develop a cure. The PS3 version featured 10 levels, co-op gameplay using the two protagonists and upgradable weapons.

A video released in September for Resogun, the developer's PS4-exclusive 2.5D shooting action title, teased a new PS4 game and featured visual references to the twin-stick zombie shooter.

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