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Battlefield 4 Windows PC and PS4 update goes live, fixes 'sound loop crash'

EA DICE began to roll out a Battlefield 4 update for Xbox One and Windows PC today, according to posts on the Battlelog forums, improving general stability, Mantle performance, as well as addressing the "sound loop crash" issue.

The Windows PC update fixes the "sound loop crash" issue that causes the game to freeze, a problem that occasionally prevented players from shooting while in the gunner position of a vehicle, addresses the headshot icon appearing incorrectly at non-headshot deaths, including suicide or explosion, and general stability improvements.

The update also addresses an issue with Mantle where the sky/fog to be either too bright or too dark when it was utilized and adds on-screen video memory utilization statistics with "Render.DrawScreenInfo," along with general stability and performance improvements.

The Xbox One update introduces bug fixes for a number of problems, such as where gunner seat changes in an IFV/MBT could cause the game to crash, a bomb carrier would be permanently spotted in Defuse mode, missing grass physics and an incorrectly placed invisible wall on Zavod 311.

Missing sounds in Team/Squad Deathmatch and bullet impact sounds that weren't matching the number of impacts have been rectified. Issues for kill cards, "Draw" messages and dog tags have also been addressed. Issues where the player camera would be positioned inside of the soldier when parachute spawning and a MAV exploit that let players reach out-of-map locations were also fixed. The full list of fixes for each platform is available on the Battlelog forums.