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Vessel hits PlayStation 3 March 11

Strange Loop Games' physics-based platformer, Vessel, will be available for PlayStation 3 March 11, studio head John Krajewski announced via the PlayStation Blog.

Originally released in 2012 for Windows PC, Vessel follows Arkwright, an inventor working to stop his "living liquid machines," or Fluros, from overrunning his world. Players solve puzzles by manipulating different liquids and battle Fluros along the way. All creatures in the game are made of liquid, meaning they can glide through barriers, regenerate lost limbs, combine several fluid types and more.

"All the puzzles in Vessel are based on interactions with this living liquid," Krajewski said. "Exploring and understanding how to bring liquid to life will lead to success. You have the ability to create and destroy these creatures, and the story revolves around their inventor as he sees them evolve and become lifeforms of their own."

The studio head added that the game is built on "optimized liquid simulation," which features the likes of water, scalding lava, steam and more. These different liquids will combine with others for "dramatic effects."

"When the player creates Fluro by placing a seed and giving it liquid of any type, the creature will retain the properties of the liquid they're made of, giving them the ability to melt, reform, absorb, explode and more," Krajewski said.

Vessel was a finalist in the Independent Games Festival and the Indie Game Challenge. The game includes music from electronica artist Jon Hopkins, which has been designed to unlock further as players solve puzzles.

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