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Each Titanfall mech is a 'weapons platform with personality'

Titanfall will arrive next month with three classes of gigantic mechanical robots, each of which lead artist Joel Emslie sees as a "weapons platform with personality."

In an interview published on Electronic Arts' official U.K. YouTube channel, Emslie explained how he conceptualized Titanfall's three titan classes as more than mechs.

"I look at the titans, even when we designed them, as more of a weapons platform with personality," Emslie said.

Those who participated in Titanfall's recent beta got to know the Atlas, a titan focused on a balance of armor and maneuverability. The full game will add the light, agile Stryder and the slow, heavily armored Ogre.

Emslie also said that the original titan concept drawings "weren't completely getting us there," which is why the mechs players will see in-game titans have their roots in real-world models.

"I went back to old-school scratch building and kit-bashing with plastics and wire armatures," he said.

Press play above to see each of the three titans on the battlefield and catch a glimpse of the models they're based on.

Titanfall is set for a March 11 release on Xbox One and Windows PC and a March 25 release on Xbox 360. For more on Titanfall and the technology that underlies it, be sure to read our interview with Jon 'Slothy' Shiring, the engineer tasked with making sure that the online game runs smoothly. You can also take an extended look at the Titanfall beta in a recent Overview episode.

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