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Dota 2 Fantasy League opens to DreamLeague Season 1 ticket holders

Dota 2 Fantasy League creation is now open to players who purchase tickets for DreamLeague Season 1, according to an announcement on the game's official blog, revealing that Fantasy Team matches will begin on March 3.

Once a League is created, players can invite up to five friends to join a league. Users can set a time for the live draft where members can draft pro players onto their team, with each player owned by one person only. Round-robin weekly head-to-head match-ups will automatically be created. Full details about earning points against league members are outlined on the blog post.

While players can join numerous friend-created leagues, one DreamLeague Season ticket is required per league creation. Users can have up to eight pro league players on their team consisting of two core, two support, one any and three bench players of any type. Trading players is not yet supported. Weekly matches will end on Sunday night at midnight local time where points for the week will be assigned and match-ups begin anew.

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