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The Walking Dead Season 2's second episode hitting next week (update)

The second episode of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead Season 2 will launch Tuesday, March 4 for PlayStation 3, Mac and Windows PC, Telltale Games announced this morning.

The Xbox 360 and iOS versions as well as the PS3 version in Europe will be released at a later date, Telltale confirmed in a press release. The episode will cost $4.99 on its own and is included in The Walking Dead Season 2 season pass.

The trailer, posted above, introduces Carver, a mysterious man with even more mysterious ties to the group of people Clementine is currently shacking up with. Carver's presence is threatening enough to force the group from their house, sending them scavenging into the wilderness for a new shelter — but why?

Telltale Games also announced the PlayStation Vita version of The Walking Dead Season 2 will debut towards the end of March. Episodes will be available for $4.99 each or part of the season pass, which includes all five episodes. Episode 1, "All That Remains," and Episode 2, "A House Divided," will launch simultaneously when the season is released for Vita.

The Walking Dead Season 2 launched in December with its first episode, "All That Remains." Players control Clementine, a heroic little girl orphaned by the series' events, who witnessed unspeakable tragedies in the first season and who begins the second on her own. Players will follow her as she struggles to survive in an unforgiving wilderness ravaged by the zombie outbreak, as well navigate relationships with other survivors — some of whom mistrust Clementine.

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