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StarDrive 2 warps to Windows PC in September

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StarDrive 2, the sequel to Zero Sum Games' 4X strategy title set in space will officially release for Windows PC via Steam and retail in September for $29.99, publisher Iceberg Interactive announced.

The game will be available on other unannounced distribution platforms and those who purchased the first StarDrive will receive a discount of 33 percent for StarDrive 2. The first StarDrive was successfully funded through a Kickstarter campaign in 2011 and launched for Windows PC last April. "Doubling down" on its "commitment to user-generated content," according to Daniel DiCicco, CEO of Zero Sum Games, the Unity-developed game will feature Steam Workshop support.

"StarDrive 2 represents the culmination of two decades of love for the 4x genre and five years of work on the StarDrive universe," DiCicco said in a prepared statement. "Here we have taken everything we have learned — our successes, our failures, and our passion — and made a 4x game that we are incredibly proud of.".