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Aquaman, Green Arrow and Mecha Superman join Infinite Crisis

Michael McWhertor is a journalist with more than 17 years of experience covering video games, technology, movies, TV, and entertainment.

The playable roster of Turbine's multiplayer online battle arena game set in the DC universe, Infinite Crisis, can now boast Aquaman among its ranks, along with lesser superheroes Green Arrow and the mechanized Man of Steel, Mecha Superman.

The three champions will be playable when Infinite Crisis goes into open beta on March 14.

Aquaman, a hybrid bruiser-assassin, brings more than just a threatening trident to Infinite Crisis battles. He excels at solo skirmishes, according to his character profile, as well as poking during team fights. Aquaman's passive skill is called Rising Tide, which he gains for a short time after using a skill. His next basic attack deals power damage and heals Aquaman.

The lord of Atlantis' skills include Trident of the King, which lets him throw his trident at foes; Stagger, which knocks down foes, dealing power damage; Undertow, which see him rush through foes, dealing damage to anyone he hits; and Might of Atlantis, his ultimate, which delivers a follow-up skill, depending on which skill he just used.

Infinite Crisis' Green Arrow is "an adaptable marksman capable of devastating damage and elusive maneuvers," according to his character profile. He has three stances that players can switch between, depending on their current play needs.

Arrow's skills include the passive Adaptable Arrow, which provides different bonuses depending on which type of arrowhead he employs. His arrow options include Superfoam Arrows, Thermite Arrows and Ballistic Arrows. His ultimate, Bullseye, delivers a powerful charged shot.

Green Arrow can exploit his skills to escape from dangerous situations, chase down enemies and speed up map travel. His ranged attacks can be employed to poke and stall enemies.

Mecha Superman, from Infinite Crisis' "Mecha" universe, is a big, burly enforcer who specializes in crowd control.

Agent of Hope, Mecha Superman's passive skill, produces an aura that gives him and allies, bonus armor and health regeneration after destroying an environmental object. His Drill Attack burrows through multiple enemies in a line, briefly stunning them. His Sunstone Eruption skill deals area of effect power damage at a targeted location and Fissure creates an impassible wall.

His ultimate, Terraformer, creates a local earthquake that deals damage to nearby enemies.

More details on each champion, and strategies for using them, are available in the gameplay videos above.

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