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Behemoth, Playdead, Robomodo among ID@Xbox's new developers

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Microsoft revealed a long list of new developers for its ID@Xbox indie developer publishing program on Xbox Wire this morning alongside an announcement that the first games from the self-publishing program are in the certification process.

Detailed last August, the program allows developers to apply for entry at If accepted, they receive two Xbox One development kits and will be able to self-publish games. Microsoft also announced last year that a special Xbox One-only Unity Pro license would be available free to all ID@Xbox developers.

The first round of developers was revealed last December and included Crysis developer Crytek, Broken Age developer Double Fine and Ridiculous Fishing developer Vlambeer. New indies joining the cast today include Castle Crashers developer The Behemoth, Limbo developer Playdead, Tony Hawk HD developer Robomodo and Hydro Thunder developer Vector unit. The full list is as follows:

  • 4gency
  • A Crowd of Monster
  • Alientrap Games
  • The Behemoth
  • BetaDwarf
  • Big Ant Studios
  • Bloober Team
  • Blowfish Studios
  • Brain in a Jar
  • Brushfire Games
  • Cherry Pop Games Ltd
  • Codeglue
  • Code-Monkeys
  • Compulsion Games
  • Crunching Koalas
  • Deco Digital
  • Empty Clip Studios
  • Escalation Studios
  • EXOR Studios
  • FarSight Studios
  • Fatshark
  • Flix Interactive
  • Four Door Lemon Ltd
  • Frambosa
  • Frima
  • Glass Bottom Games
  • HB Studios
  • Headup Games
  • Heart Machine
  • Holmade Games
  • Humble Hearts LLC
  • I Fight Bears
  • Implausible Industries
  • Iridium Studios
  • iSquared Games Ltd
  • Larian Studios
  • Mediatonic
  • MeinMein
  • Mighty Rabbit Studios
  • Mimimi Productions
  • nDreams Ltd
  • NeocoreGames
  • No Goblin
  • n-Space
  • Piwot
  • Pixel Balloon
  • Playdead
  • Rebellion
  • Relentless Software
  • RetroCoders
  • Ripstone
  • Robomodo
  • Ska Studios
  • Smudged Cat Games Ltd
  • Snowrunner
  • Spry Fox
  • Tiny Castle Studios
  • Toxic Games
  • Vector Unit
  • Vertigo Games BV
  • VooFoo Studios
  • Warhorse Studios
  • WaterMelon
  • Xona Games
  • Zoë Mode

"ID@Xbox is a global program and we're committed to bringing the best from around the world to Xbox One," wrote ID@Xbox director Chris Charla. "The first ID@Xbox games are in certification now and, as always, we continue to look for ways to improve the creation process for our ID@Xbox partners with new processes and tools. Stay tuned for updates on both soon!"