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Cel Damage HD hits PS3, PS4 and Vita this spring with cross-buy

Cel Damage HD, developer Finish Line Games' cel-shaded vehicle combat game, is scheduled for a spring release on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, the developer announced today.

The Toronto-based indie developer's game will support cross-buy, meaning that a single purchase will unlock Cel Damage HD across all three Sony systems. The game puts players in a cartoon world where "outlandish cars" battle in 13 levels, with six drivers, 10 cars and more than 30 weapon power ups. Cel Damage HD's PS4 version will also support four-player split screen multiplayer.

"As longtime developers, we've always enjoyed games that meld the realm of video games with other, similar forms of entertainment," said Daniel Posner, co-founder of Finish Line Games. "With Cel Damage HD, we're bringing back one of our favorite mash-ups of classic vehicle combat games and cartoon animation to give players the distinct experience of playing as if they are in a cartoon. We are excited to see how modern day fans react to this merging of mediums and we're thrilled to be giving players cross-buy support to allow them to play on their preferred system."

Pseudo Interactive originally released Cel Damage in 2001 for the GameCube, PlayStation 2 and the original Xbox.

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