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Payday 2: The Death Wish hustles in new difficulty, masks, enemies and more

Payday 2: The Death Wish, the latest free update for Overkill's heist-based shooter, is now live for Windows PC and introduces a new difficulty, 35 new achievements, new enemies and more.

Those who download The Death Wish will receive a free melee weapon, the "350K" brass knuckles, referring to 350,000 community members on Steam. Players have the chance to collect four new masks by beating the hard, very hard, Overkill and Death Wish difficulty levels. Two new enemy types packed in with the update are the Gensec Elite SWAT team and the LMG-wielding Elite Bulldozer.

The new difficulty level is available across every heist featured in Payday 2. According to the announcement, The Death Wish introduces new changes to each heist, such as destructible bridges and added skylights to buildings.

We have reached out to 505 Games representative for the availability of the update on other platforms.

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