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N++ for PS4 to have multiplayer modes, over 1,000 levels

Developer Metanet Software shared more details today on N++, the sequel to action platformer N+, debuting a first look at gameplay for the title on the PlayStation Blog.

According to Metanet co-founder Mare Sheppard, N++ is currently in an alpha state and will be a playable demo at BitSummit and Game Developers Conference next month.

In N++, players control a tiny ninja with exaggerated physical movements through a 2D world. Players will free run and parkour through a minefield of enemies and environmental obstacles, interact with objects and collect gold to add more time to the in-game timer. Each one of the game's more than 1,000 levels is a single 16:9 screen through which players must determine how to open a safe exit route.

"The ninja moves with an exaggerated sense of inertia and momentum," Sheppard wrote. "Gradually learning how to control the ninja — developing an intuition for how it will react and how to harness its momentum — is one of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of the game.

"N++ is a game of precision, and when you're trying to guide your ninja safely through a dangerous level, every pixel counts," Sheppard added. "As you attempt to solve each level, you'll probably die a lot — but restarting the level is almost instantaneous, and you can retry as many times as you'd like."

N++ will include a handful of multiplayer modes, including a two-player co-op mode, four-player race mode with the goal of reaching the exit first, and a Deathmatch mode in which players will face in an arena and battle until the last man standing. Players can also sync up with global and friend leaderboards as well as create their own levels with a level editor.

N++ was announced for PS4 at Gamescom 2013 last August. Sheppard first told Polygon at GDC 2013 that Metanet would develop the final N+ title after a long period of studio deliberating.

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