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Watch this silly and horrifying Flappy Bird GTA 4 mod

Flappy Bird has found its way to Liberty City with this slightly disturbing mod for Grand Theft Auto 4.

The mod shown above by modders "julionib" and "quechus13" recreates the Flappy Bird experience with the addition of GTA's unavoidable pedestrian casualties.

Players control The Ballad of Gay Tony protagonist Luis, whose head has been transformed into the titular yellow bug-eyed bird, as he flies through the city. Luis flaps his arms to gain height, and while he doesn't crash and burn for hitting scenery, one toe on the ground is lights out, with a smear of blood on the pavement for added measure. The mod even has a point counter. One point is given for every unsuspecting pedestrian Luis descends on, trouncing them into the ground, victims of world out of their control. No vehicle necessary.

The mod will be available for Grand Theft Auto 4 on Windows PC tomorrow through the modders' website.

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