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Forza Motorsport 5 gets 10 new performance cars on Feb. 4

The Smoking Tire Car Pack for Forza Motorsport 5, featuring 10 new sports cars, will be available for Xbox One users from Feb. 4.

The Smoking Tire Car Pack includes the broad 2004 Maserati MC12, the 1.4-liter four-cylinder engine-equipped 2013 Abarth Punto Supersport, the 400 horsepowered 2000 BMW Z8 and the 2002 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Ram Air. All cars featured in the pack are available for individual purchase via the marketplace using in-game credits or tokens.

The remaining cars featured in the pack are: the 1994 Nissan Fairlady Z Version S Twin Turbo; the 651 horse powered 2011 Ferrari FF; the two-liter V8 engine 1968 Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale; the highly customizable 1966 Chevrolet Nova SS; the 232 horsepowered 1992 Toyota Celica GT-Four ST185; and, the five-cylinder 1995 Audi RS 2 Avant. Details about each individual vehicle are located on the official Forza website.

Developer Turn 10 Studios' recent patch for Forza Motorsport 5 introduced changes to the in-game economy, "dramatically increasing" the rate at which players earn in-game credits, and two new modes. Turn 10 and publisher Microsoft Studios were criticized for the game's economy where players felt that its progression design forced them to heavily rely on microtransactions.

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