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Kinect-based system monitoring the Korean border

A security system built on Microsoft's Kinect software is currently monitoring the demilitarized zone between the North and South Korean borders, reports Hankooki.

The system, developed by self-taught programmer Jae Kwan Ko, was implemented on the border last August but was revealed to the general public just last month.The software uses the Kinect's motion sensing system to track and identify what passes across the DMZ. It can distinguish the difference between humans and animals, and if it senses the former it will alert the closest outpost of its presence.

More details on how the system works are unavailable, likely due to its connection with Korean national security.

"I've never even thought of a game system performing national defense tasks," said programmer Ko, as translated by Kotaku. Ko also said that the next iteration of the Kinect security program will have the ability to detect heart rate and read body temperature.

The current version of the Xbox One Kinect detects heart rate as well as heat signatures and includes a more sensitive body tracking system that can determine facial expressions. The console itself is slated to launch in South Korea later this year.

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