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Meet Titanfall's Frontier Militia

Developer Respawn Entertainment shared more details on the Frontier Militia faction of its upcoming mech shooter Titanfall, outlining its role in the game's central conflict and highlighting three of its most prominent figures.

The Militia is theFrontier's military branch, a "mishmash of homesteaders, bandits, mercenaries, and pirates." These citizen mercenaries are the frontline in the struggle against industrial conglomerate Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation's exploitation of human colonies' resources. The Militia is divided into separate Brigades assigned to different Frontier territories scattered through the stars. According to the post on the Titanfall website, the Militia poses "a real obstacle" to the IMC threat.

The post also shares more details on three of the Frontier Militia's most important members. MacAllan, a decorated Titan War veteran, previously led a mutiny on an IMC vessel sent on a Frontier peacekeeping mission. According to reports, MacAllan's cited grievances against IMC's treatment of Frontier citizens as reason for his mutiny. These reports haven't been proven due to the loss of the vessel's data recorder, which was commandeered along with the ship itself — the Odyssey — by MacAllan and his supporters.

Bish is the Militia's combat intel specialist and spends his time hacking into IMC systems and guiding Titan pilots on the ground during missions. He was raised on Earth and previously worked as an electrical engineer for IMC before he left for the Militia. Sarah — the voice behind the "Prepare for Titan fall" command — vowed revenge on the IMC after losing her family due to IMC's negligence on several missions. She leads the Militia's Marauder Corps. and is on the IMC's most wanted list.

Respawn will share more details on the world of Titanfall as the game approaches launch. The title will be released on March 11 for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows PC, with a beta phase on the way for Xbox One and PC.

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